What people say about Sungei… guests, friends and media

“Sungei is an unusual place. It is for people who appreciate and demand more from their vacations. Who want adventure, yet appreciate relaxation. Sungei is the gateway to days and nights of contrasts and challenges. There are mountainous roads, whose narrow, winding roads challenge you, especially on bicycle, ancient villages that must be climbed, whose colors, unique foods and events invite exploration. There is the sea, the beaches of Sestri Levante and the towns of Cinque Terre, which rise in layers from the blue green waters of the Ligurian Sea, their small harbors, dotted with boats and beaches, whose houses and churches wind up the cliffs and perched above them terraced vineyards. 

And there is Sungei itself, a beautiful palazzo nestled in the hills, where olive, Peach, persimmon, fig and apple trees grow and silence reigns supreme. Silence that envelops you, that encourages you in the morning to set forth on your adventures and soothes you at the end of the day when you return”. (Barbara, New York City,  September 2022)

“A Velva, la vacanza che volevo” (, june 2020)